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Post 5162
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Huntsville, AL
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Sr. Vice Commander




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Service Officer


2022-2023 Officers:


Commander: Art Johnson                   Sr Vice Cdr: Kent Cook

Jr Vice Cdr: Robb Keeter                     Quartermaster: David Ladner 

Adjutant: Marcus  Craig                       Chaplain: Earl Hokanson 

Surgeon:  Earl Hokanson                     Judge Advocate: David Ladner

1Yr Trustee: George Jobczynski         Service Officer: Clement Goshay

2Yr Trustee: Mike Kelly                        3Yr Trustee: Charles Berry




2021-2022 Officers:


Commander: Robb Keeter 3Yr Trustee:  Mike Kelly
Sr Vice Cdr: Art Johnson Adjutant: David Ladner
 Jr Vice Cdr:  Anthony Taylor  Chaplain: Earl Hokanson
Quartermaster: David Ladner Service Officer: Clemente Goshay
1Yr Trustee: Sam Bertling Surgeon: Earl Hokanson
2Yr Trustee:  George Jobczynski  Judge Advocate: Tim Oman






Past Commanders


2021-2022   Robb Keeter

2020-2021   Mike Gronkowski 

2018-2020   Billy Heatherly

2018-2019   Mike Gronkowski

2017-2018   Mike Gronkowski

2016-2017   Tammy Johnson

2015-2016   David Ladner

2013-2014   David Ladner

2012-2013   David Ladner

2011-2012   Bob Davenport

2010-2011   Gary Helson

2009-2010   Gary Helson







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Department By-laws 7-20-2021



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